Mizzou Store Scholarships

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Two full semesters with Team Mizzou of completed service to the department since date of hire.
  • Enrollment in the next academic year
  • MU GPA:  Minimum 3.0 CUM
  • Must have an up-to-date FAFSA on file with Financial Aid

To remain eligible for the award, you must:

  • Remain continuously enrolled at MU for each regular (fall and spring) semester
  • Remain continuously employed with Team Mizzou for each regular (fall and spring) semester
  • Maintain the minimum hourly work requirement outlined by your job description for each regular (fall and spring) semester
  • Complete at least 24 graded credit hours for undergraduate students and 18 graded credit hours for graduate students each academic year
  • Maintain a cumulative MU grade point average of 2.5 or higher

Application includes submission of all 3 essay questions:

Essay Question 1:
Describe your personal contribution to MizzouRec over the past year, providing three examples of those contributions and how you have made a distinct difference. (150-200 words)

Essay Question 2:
Express how becoming a Team Mizzou Scholar and receiving a scholarship would impact your life today, providing three examples of the ways a scholarship would help you fulfill your purpose at Mizzou. (150-200 words)

Essay Question 3:
Describe what you learned or gained as a Team Mizzou member. Provide at least two examples of how this will contribute to your future success? (150-200 words)