2017 Spring Roar Award Recipients

2017 Top Tier Award Recipients

The Top Tier Awards are some of the highest honors a Team Mizzou member can earn. Each of the awards honors a particular individual for his or her contributions to the department.

Anton J. Stankowski Achievement Award

The Anton J. Stankowski Achievement Award was created specifically to recognize extreme dedication to the values of the department and to Team Mizzou. The recipient of this award has been a significant contributor throughout their time with Team Mizzou.

Alec Wohlever

Dahlmann Excellence Award

As the highest award, the Director’s Award is given to one individual who best exemplifies the vision and the mission of MU Rec Services and Team Mizzou, as well as consistently performed outstanding service in a variety of essential capacities.

Mackenzie Greis

Daniel J. Shipp Creative and Technical Excellence Award

The Daniel J. Shipp award is presented to a member of Team Mizzou for superior efforts in either creative marketing and/or technological pursuits within the department. The recipient of the award has made significant contributions through the impactful application of media support systems at MizzouRec.

Jonathon Lantsberger

Chester L. Brewer Leadership Award

The Chester L. Brewer award is presented to a Team Mizzou member who has demonstrated leadership in the spirit of the Chester L. Brewer – someone who has been an outstanding performer and provided outstanding leadership not only to MizzouRec but also to the campus community.

Kevin Raher

Gideon F. Rothwell Service Award

The Gideon F. Rothwell award is presented to a Team Mizzou member who is a role model and provided exemplary service, mirroring the spirit of service of GF Rothwell to the university and excellence in communicating the MizzouRec mission and vision to the campus and the community.

Mike Turner

Mary R. McKee Dedication Award

The Mary R. McKee award is presented to a Team Mizzou member who demonstrates dedication and determination, honoring the work to Mizzou of long-time women’s physical education instructor, Mary McKee. The recipient of this award shows strength of character and purpose in their pursuits with MizzouRec.

C.J. Ardini

Stephanie Joseph Spirit Award

In honor of Stephanie Joseph, a Team Mizzou member who despite her battle with cancer remained positive and full of promise. This award, presented for the first time in 2008, is awarded to a Team Mizzou member who helps create a positive atmosphere at MizzouRec.

James Bachman

Kelly Needham Journey Award

In honor of Kelly Needham, this award will recognizes a Team Mizzou member who, like Kelly did, embraces their journey at MizzouRec, understanding that the experience is more than just a job, and utilizes the opportunities available to them to better not only themselves, but Team Mizzou as well.

Dan Gregory

Team Mizzou Member of the Year

This award recognizes one superior Team Mizzou member who has achieved the highest level of personal development and consistently performs beyond normal expectations throughout the entire department. The recipient contributes to the whole of Team Mizzou and displays cooperation, teamwork and loyalty.

Joe Petersen

2017 Team Mizzou Scholars

Team Mizzou Scholarships are awarded to Team Mizzou members at Spring Roar each year. The purpose of the Team Mizzou Scholarship program is to not only recognize work excellence, but to provide financial assurances to a select number of Team Mizzou students as they pursue academic excellence.

Kristin Herrick

Missouri Orthopedic Institute Scholar - $11,000

Matt Marciano

Star Trac/Core Fitness Scholar - $5,500

Jack Cogan

FreeMotion Fitness Scholar - $5,500

Jonathon Lantsberger

Octane Fitness Scholar - $5,500

2017 Returning Team Mizzou Scholars

These 2016 Team Mizzou Scholars were awarded additional scholarships to support them as they further their education.

Meredith Abraham

Director's Endowment - $2,500 Scholarship

Josie Ward

Director's Endowment - $2,500 Scholarship

Ryan Richman

Rothwell Club Endowment - $ 2,500 Scholarship

Kylie Sobota

Rothwell Club Endowment - $2,500 Scholarship

2017 Emerging Leaders

This award recognizes one individual from each area of Team Mizzou. The award is given to and individual who has spent less than one year with Team Mizzou, or within a particular position, but demonstrates strong leadership skills and the ability to take on additional responsibilities. The individual receiving this award has established themselves as a core member of Team Mizzou with potential to move into a leadership position.

Steven Roth

Thomas Staley

Delaney Pummill

Kristen Herrick

Jordan Morrow

Julia Presnell

Andrew Mandzen

Eze Pojmann-Ezeonyilo

Garrett Krueger

Audrey Lamberson

Clare Gannon

Sierra Dominiak

Hope Knopf

McKenna Blair

Megan Clince

Will Udo

Cobi Bissel

2017 Employee of the Year

This award recognizes one superior individual from each area of Team Mizzou who has achieved a high level of personal development and participates departmentally beyond normal expectations. This individual also contributes creatively to the team and displays cooperation, teamwork and loyalty within the department.

Nick Snawder

Tom Staley

Anna Parr

Devon Davenport

Ariana (Ari) Haywood

Anna Roth

Eze Pojmann

Matt Marciano

Nissi Kunjummen

Eva Beaudoin

Lizzy Dreifuss

Taylor Haggerty

Maria Howell

Phillip Shelton

2017 Service Excellence

This award recognizes team members who demonstrate extraordinary efforts in customer service or program/facility preparation. They demonstrate initiative and willingness to go the extra mile to get things done and extend themselves appropriately to members and guests. These team members’ exhibit teamwork within the entire department and are utilized in at least two program areas, or contribute through committee participation.

Meredith Abraham

CJ Ardini

James Bachman

Ashlyn Balch

Kayla Barker

Rebekah Bell

Brooke Bemis

Bryce Bogart

Kailee Breslin

Regina Brock

McKenna Clayton

Sarah Crites

Sydney Crombie

Samantha DesJardine

Evan Dodson

Sierra Dominiak

Tori Garcia

Keelan Gneuhs

Madison Greenlee

Taylor Haggerty

Allison Hayes

Paul Johnson

Audrey Kamper

Cassie Li

Kasey Long

Andrew Mandzen

Matt Marciano

Madi Nispel

Elise Perron

Grace Ruklick

Madison Sellenriek

Samantha Stokes

Mike Turner

Will Udo

Ethan Weeks

Danielle Zoellner

2017 Pride of Team Mizzou

This award recognizes those team members who demonstrate understanding of the vision & mission of the Team Mizzou program. They exhibit style and influence to motivate those with whom they interact, perform assigned tasks in an exemplary fashion, and inspire other employees to improve. These team members execute outstanding reliability and cooperation toward departmental goals and make tangible contributions impacting departmental programs.

Maude Ashby

Jade Beckmann

Jaque Bliss

Cole Cade

Joseph Chalupny

Jillian Day

Brendan Earley

Katie Foppe

Lauren Gniadek

Michael Hart

Morgan Henley

Kristen Herrick

Bridgett Kieffer

Ashley Krekovich

Mitchell Lotko

Patrick Maher

Audrey Markway

Beth Melaniphy

Jillian Murray

Anna Parr

Delaney Pummill

Erika Rideout

Evan Schulte

Ellie Senneff

Epiphani Simmons

Nicholas Snawder

Tom Staley

Connor Waldron

Jessica Warnick

Nicholas Winget

Jordan Fobbe

Alexa Hodges

Ashley Ledbetter

Nolan McCarthy

Tyler Somogye

Abby Ivory-Ganja

Phillip Whited

Lisa Binder

Shannon Briggs

Morgan Case

Kelly Crowe

Alex McDonald

Isabella North

Meghan Richmond

Lindsay Wright

Kevin Boyle

Matt Drury

Cameron Gallagher

Mackenzie Greis

Ariana Haywood

Hannah Heller

Jacob Henderson

Kara Hoevel

Brenae Howard

Rachel Jarrett

Tristin Kuhn

Earle Lariosa

Kathryn McDonnell

Dan Niemiec

Mikayla Quimby

Dorothy Sedovic

Larry Stephens

Kelsey Tate

Jake Werner

Alec Wohlover

Haley Zegar

Braden Zink

Megan Bartolac

Lindsey Barton

Lauren Bishop

Emily Conaty

Katie Douglas

Tom Folliard

Monica Godbee

Allie Gordon

Evan Jenkins

Jonah Korondi

Bre Lehane

Rose Nash

Jack Cogan

Clayton Del Pico

Maren Lindquist

Nora Priestley

Kayla Walters

Lauren Anderson

Cobi Bissell

Jeff Carpenter

Julia Hollaway

Maria Howell

Kevin Raher

Philip Shelton

Paul Morin

Jason Routt

Courtney Seaboldt

Payton Liming

2017 Spring Roar Award Recipients