2014 Top Tier Award Winners

Stephanie Joseph Spirit Award

In honor of Stephanie Joseph, a Team Mizzou member who despite her battle with cancer remained positive and full of promise. This award, presented for the first time in 2008, is awarded to a Team Mizzou member who helps create a positive atmosphere at MizzouRec.

Amanda Hobbs

Member Services

Kelly Needham Journey Award

In honor of Kelly Needham, this award will recognizes a Team Mizzou member who, like Kelly did, embraces their journey at MizzouRec, understanding that the experience is more than just a job, and utilizes the opportunities available to them to better not only themselves, but Team Mizzou as well.

Marcus Jackson


Anton J. Stankowski Achievement Award

The Anton J. Stankowski Achievement Award was created specifically to recognize extreme dedication to the values of the department and to Team Mizzou. The recipient of this award has been a significant contributor throughout their time with Team Mizzou.

Ryan Frederking


Chester L. Brewer Leadership Award

The Chester L. Brewer award is presented to a Team Mizzou member who has demonstrated leadership in the spirit of the Chester L. Brewer – someone who has been an outstanding performer and provided outstanding leadership not only to MizzouRec but also to the campus community.

Bret McCann


Gideon F. Rothwell Service Award

The Gideon F. Rothwell award is presented to a Team Mizzou member who is a role model and provided exemplary service, mirroring the spirit of service of GF Rothwell to the university and excellence in communicating the MizzouRec mission and vision to the campus and the community.

Nicole Ward

Member Services

Scott Meyer

Club Sports

Daniel J. Shipp Creative and Technical Excellence Award

The Daniel J. Shipp award is presented to a member of Team Mizzou for superior efforts in either creative marketing and/or technological pursuits within the department. The recipient of the award has made significant contributions through the impactful application of media support systems at MizzouRec.

Tom Krull


Dahlmann Excellence Award

As the highest award, the Director’s Award is given to one individual who best exemplifies the vision and the mission of MU Rec Services and Team Mizzou, as well as consistently performed outstanding service in a variety of essential capacities.

Caroline Michler