Stankowski Field

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Stankowski Field serves as an informal drop-in facility that includes a 1/3-mile track and three synthetic turf fields that can be used for a variety of recreational and leisure sports of your choice.

Stankowski is also home to many Club Sports and Intramural Sports.  The track was resurfaced in 2015 and the turf is brand new as of August 2021. Stankowski goers can also enjoy the facility’s outdoor scoreboards and brighter lighting. The fields are lit at 5 AM daily until daylight and again from dusk until 12 AM for night games. With turf fields and a track, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy being outdoors on Stankowski.


  • Prohibited equipment, activities and items include:
    • Metal spikes
    • Tobacco & alcohol products of any kind
    • Sunflower seeds
    • Gum & gum chewing
    • All other foods
    • No Animals
    • Glass bottles or glass containers of any type
    • Roller blades, cycles of any kind, skateboards, and strollers
    • Folding chairs, canopies, tables
    • Fence climbing & activities that can damage the fences
    • Hanging or attaching equipment to the fences
    • Sports & activities which require batting or throwing hard equipment. Examples: softball, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, golf, and stickball
    • Any potentially damaging objects or activities without prior approval